Looking For Better Results With Your Workout? Drink Alkaline Water!

Monday, October 19, 2009  |  0 Comment

By David Whelan

I'm always looking for ways to get a better edge on my workout. And sometimes in our quest to integrate new exercises into our routine and try new nutritional supplements, we can get our eye off the basic things that always yield results.

One of these basic things is water. I know, water is just water, right? Not true.

While water CAN be just water, it can also be a performance boosting tonic...if it's alkaline and if it's ionic.

Alkaline water can boost your workout by helping to neutralize the acids that you create during exercise. When your body makes energy, it also makes acid. The process of creating fuel involves splitting lactic acid into lactate (fuel) and hydrogen ions (acid). It is this acid that can make you feel sore after working out. It can also hinder your workout even if you do not feel it.

Ionic water can help to conduct the nerve impulses in a more efficient manner. You could also call ionic water electrolyte water. The negative ions in it help to move water and minerals in and out of cells. They "conduct" the energy that your body makes.

Drinking alkaline and ionic water before and after your workout will help you because it amps your body's own acid-alkaline buffering system. So instead of using calcium to neutralize acids (which causes cramping), your body will use the types of bicarbonate buffers that neutralize acids without negative effects.

It also will help to maintain proper cell hydration by supplying the potassium elements that help cell RETAIN water with out the sodium that REMOVES water from your cells.

There's only one supplement on the market that boosts the pH of your water AND boosts its conductivity...pHion pH Booster! It amps the pH of your water up to 9.5 to help flush out the acids created during exercise PLUS it supplies the electrolyte ions to keep energy flowing...WITHOUT added sugar or sodium. In fact, pHion Booster contains more electrolytes that Gatorade or any electrolyte drink for about 1/10th the cost!

Don't forget the basics of an effective workout...hard work and proper hydration. Boost your wotkout with pHion pH Booster!


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