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Did you know that the pH of your body affects every aspect of your health? pH levels regulate, effect, and control practically everything in nature, including your body.
When your body is pH balanced, it is full of vitality. You’ll find that you have increased energy, mental clarity, and you’ll even notice that your skin has regained that healthy glow.
pH balance of the body can be simply summarized as your internal balance of Acid and Alkaline.
As a matter of course, everything living on good old planet earth must remain in a pH balanced state for the ecosystem to function as designed.
Science proves that fish in our oceans and lakes can only survive in properly balanced environments; trees in our forests can only grow in properly balanced soils; and people can only stay healthy if the body has a balance between its levels of Acid and Alkaline … what we refer to as the Optimal pH Zone™.
Our extensive line of pH balance products has been developed under the guidance of the world’s foremost leaders in pH including Naturopathic Specialist Christopher Vasey, N.D.; Author of The Acid-Alkaline Diet for Optimum Health. Christopher Vasey has practiced Naturopathy in Chamby-Montreux, Switzerland for 25 years. He has authored 22 books written in eight languages, and is a leading authority on the subject of pH balance, detoxification, and rejuvenation.
"In working with pHion, we have created a line of products that work together in a synergistic manner to help restore pH balance in your body. Each product serves a specific role in the pH balancing process, while acting as a catalyst to increase the effectiveness of every other product."
In addition, our products have been adopted by thousands of professionals to create the proper pH level within your body.

Alkaline By Design, Acidic By Function

The fluids, the blood and all the delicate tissues in your body must remain Alkaline for us to experience truly Vibrant Health. However, since practically every metabolic process from breathing, to digestion, to the production of energy, all create acid as a by-product, your body is always working to maintain the yin/yang balance between Acid and Alkaline.
When you become too Acidic, thus out of pH balance, your body becomes stressed and vulnerable to a whole host of health problems. You may experience low energy, fatigue, excess weight, poor digestion, aches and pains, and even more serious disorders.
Your body becomes pH imbalanced and overly Acidic primarily as a result of one or all of the following:
  • Ingestion of Acids (acidic diet)
  • Creation of Acids (toxicity and stress)
  • Improper elimination of Acids (mineral depletion)
The process of rebalancing your body begins with proper diet and nutrition. This includes eating alkalizing foods, hydrating properly and integrating proper nutritional supplementation.
Our advanced holistic systems have helped thousands of people combat Acidity and the negative impacts of it at every level. We welcome you to rediscover Vibrant Health by discovering the magic of pH balance today.
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Is Your Body pH Balanced? Find Out By Testing!

Just like your cholesterol and blood pressure, your pH says a lot about the state of your health. It tells you how acidic or alkaline your tissues and fluids are — and that affects all aspects of your well-being.
The pH scale goes from 0-14, where 0 is very acidic (think battery acid) and 14 is very Alkaline (think lye).
pH LevelspH Levels
In order to experience optimal health, the pH of your body should be slightly Alkaline — between 7.0 to 7.4.
A pH reading in The Optimal pH Zone™ tells you that your insides are happy, while a pH reading in The Acidic pH Zone™ or The Very Acidic pH Zone™ may mean you’re putting yourself at risk. Even a slight pH imbalance can make you feel tired, reason being your body starts to struggle digesting foods, your weight increases and aches start creeping up.
pH does not work like regular numbers do, where 6.0 is "one point less" than 7.0. It works logarithmically, just like the richter scale for earthquakes. For example, someone with a pH of 6.0 is ten times more acidic than someone with a pH of 7.0. Someone with a pH of 5.0 is 100 times more Acidic than someone with a pH of 7.0.
pHion Diagnostic pH Test Strips pH testing strips are the best tools available for discovering if your body is in The Very Acidic pH Zone™ (or "danger zone"), The Acidic pH Zone™ (or "caution zone"), or The Optimal pH Zone™ (or "healthy zone").
pHion Diagnostic pH Test Strips
View Details of pHion Diagnostic pH Test Strips
True results. Super-sensitive pHion Diagnostic pH Test Strips gives you an extremely accurate reading of how Acidic or Alkaline your tissues really are.
No guesswork. Because our strips are separated in small 0.25 unit increments, you’ll know down to the decimal what your pH is.
Easy to read. Unlike regular pH paper, our double indicator pH strips are super easy to read.
Versatile. pHion Diagnostic pH Test Strips can test both urine and saliva to give you the most complete picture of your pH.
Economical. pHion Diagnostic pH Test Strips are more accurate, more versatile, and easier to read than litmus paper, yet they’re surprisingly affordable.
Practitioner preferred. With all those benefits, it’s no wonder so many practitioners recommend the pHion brand!

The Next Step to Obtaining pH Balance

Once you have your pH levels understood you will want to return to our site and order one of the following systems that correlate to each zone:
The Very Acidic pH Level
If you find yourself in the Very Acidic pH Zone™ (4.5 - 5.75), you will want to correct this acidity level. If your pH reading is in this range, your body is 50 to 100 times too acidic. Begin implementing a complete body cleanse, detoxification and alkalizing program.
This can all be accomplished by purchasing our Complete Alkalizing Program.
pHion Complete Alkalizing Program
pHion Complete Alkalizing Program
The Acidic pH Level
If you find yourself in the Acidic pH Zone™ (6.0 - 6.5), your body is 5 to 10 times too acidic. Making alterations to your diet and augmenting these diet changes with alkalizing supplements will help you bring your pH back up to The Optimal pH Zone™.
This can all be accomplished by purchasing our Jump Start Program.
View Details of pHion Jump Start Program
pHion Jump Start Program
The Optimal pH Level
If you find yourself in the Optimal pH Zone™ (6.75 - 7.5), congratulations!
Keep up the good work by maintaining your alkalizing lifestyle by purchasing our Alkaline Maintenance Program.
pHion Alkaline Maintenance Program
pHion Alkaline Maintenance Program
If at any time you have any questions, please feel free to call one of our knowledgeable Product Specialists at 888-744-8589.
Here’s to your journey towards Wellness and pH Balance!

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Derald Bartos (22 months ago)
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Do you have a phone or tablet app that would allow your customers to track their PH levels , notice trends, and recommend products to reverse or enhance those trends?
Mary Holbrook (26 months ago)
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I am going to purchase your jump start program today to help with my survere heartburn & osteoarthritis. I will be starting the program I soon as it gets here. I do not eat vegetables because they make me puk so I hope this will help raise my ph levels. Can you please tell me what else I can do to raise my ph levels along with this plan since I don't like vegetables. Any advice or suggestions is helpful. Thank you
Raymond Hausler (29 months ago)
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Before doing the hydrogen peroxide program (from 3 drops to 25 drops 3 times a day) my PH balance was 5.5. It went up to 6.0 and is back to 5.5. No difference whatsoever. I bought a high quality product in a health store and the PHion diagnostic test strips. After the progressive stage I did a full week of 3 times 25 drops. Same result, no difference. WHAT SHALL I DO?
Jill Owens (31 months ago)
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Can I take the minerals and boosters mixed in with one drink? And I'm assuming that if I have a 16 oz drink, I double the doseage of both?
pHionBalance  (31 months ago)

You are able to mix the Alkaline Minerals into water that has been treated with the Booster Kit.   The suggested use for the Alkalizing Minerals is 1 tsp per 8 oz of liquid and the suggested use for the Booster Kit is 6 drops per 8 oz of water.
Naveen Kumar (31 months ago)
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I wondered how to take the booster and alkalizing minerals for people with low stomach acid. I get nauseous when drinking the booster and I have talked to others the feel the same way.
Would taking Betaine HCL hope with this?
pHionBalance  (31 months ago)

We strongly suggest that you discuss these types of questions with your personal physician, who should be able to give you the best advice for your specific situation.