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High Potency Antioxidant Complex. Fend Off Free Radicals For Optimal Cellular Health! day, your cells, tissues and organs are under attack by free radicals. In fact, its been estimated that your DNA sustains one million lesions every 24 hours. work like keys in locks: one type of antioxidant will work beautifully against one type of free radical, but its useless against another type. That means your best defense against free radicals is to have a wide range of antioxidants. Thats exactly what youll get with pHion Berry Superfruit, our super antioxidant complex. Protect your cells against degeneration and aging with pHion Berry Superfruit. Different antioxidants for different free radicals. pHion Berry Superfruit contains over 10 different kinds of powerful antioxidants to help fight multiple kinds of free radicals. Superfruit blend. pHion Berry Superfruit includes concentrates of some of natures most powerful antioxidant superfruits - such as Gojiberry, Mangosteen, Pomegranate, Acai, Red Raspberry, and Blueberry to name a few - all without the fruit sugar. Botanical blend. Weve also included all the botanical antioxidant superstars - like pine bark, grape seed extract, bilberry and green tea - in pHion Berry Superfruit. Super strong antioxidant power. A daily dose of pHion Berry Superfruit has a certified ORAC rating (a scientific measure of antioxidant strength) of 8,000 units. That rating is equivalent to more than 4 pounds of fresh fruits and veggies! Safe to take with your multivitamin. Many antioxidant formulas on the market contain high levels of vitamins and minerals that may be unsafe to combine with your daily multivitamin. The doses provided in pHion Berry Superfruit were specially formulated so theyre high enough to be effective, but low enough to take safely with your multivitamin.
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