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pHion Acid Drainage

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  • Stimulates elimination of strong acids
  • Increases effectiveness of kidneys
  • Restores pH balance
  • Easy to swallow capsules

Reasons to buy

  • Amps up the kidneys’ elimination of acids. pHion Acid Drainage contains diuretic (fluid-eliminating) herbs that increase your kidneys’ ability to eliminate strong acids through your urine.
  • Amps up the skin’s elimination of acids. pHion Acid Drainage also provides diaphoretic (sweat-stimulating) herbs that improve your skin’s ability to eliminate strong acids through your sweat.
  • Restores pH balance. By dislodging and disposing of strong acids, pHion Acid Drainage helps restore your pH balance.

pHion Balance

Our products have been developed under the guidance of Christopher Vasey N.D., the leading authority on pH Balance and author of the Acid-Alkaline Diet for Optimum Health. Christopher Vasey has practiced Naturopathy in Chamby-Montreux, Switzerland for 25 years. He has authored 18 books written in five languages. Mr. Vasey’s specialization is pH balance, detoxification and rejuvenation.
"I' ve prescribed these same botanicals in a tea form for over 20 years. However, pHion Acid Drainage is much more concentrated than tea. Use this if your pH is lower than 6.0." - Christopher Vasey, N.D.
Our Promise to you is what we say is what you get. pHion products are produced under strict GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) compliance and delivered to you at a price that’s always fair. We offer a full unconditional 30 day money back guarantee on all products, without question or hassle.

Product Details

The danger of an acidic system.

Your pH level — a measurement of the acidity or alkalinity of your body fluids — affects every cell in your body. When your pH gets out of balance (which, in our culture, almost always means becoming too acidic), you may experience low energy, fatigue, excess weight, poor digestion, aches and pains, and even more serious disorders.

In fact, since acid is naturally corrosive and inflammatory, too much of it can have a negative impact on your bones1, 2 your joints,3 and your gastro-intestinal tract.4

Plus, an acidic environment makes the perfect breeding ground for microforms, which can further compromise your health.

Why you’re not so different from a fish.

To understand exactly how important pH is, let’s look at the analogy of a fish tank.

If you decide to set up an aquarium, and you go to your local pet store to pick out some fish, the salesperson — if they’re any good — will tell you exactly what to do to take care of your fish. One of the things they’ll stress is that you need to test the pH of the water in your aquarium once a week.

Why? Because fish require a certain water pH to be healthy: usually between 6.5 - 7.5. (A pH of 7.0 is considered neutral.) They can tolerate a wider range, but they won’t thrive. In fact, if the pH of their water dips too low, and enters into the acidic zone, your fish will experience a chronic stress response. If it drops below 4.0, they will die.

Your cells are not so very different from fish, and your body fluids are not so very different from aquarium water. Since the human body is 75 percent water, your cells are basically “swimming” in body fluids. They love it when the pH of those fluids is around 7.40. Like fish, your cells will tolerate a wider range, but they won’t thrive. Like fish, they become stressed by living in an acidic environment. And like fish, if the pH of your body fluids drops too low, your cells will die.

If you’ve tested your pH with the pHion Diagnostic pH Test Strips and you find that you are Acidic, it’s a good idea to get rid of the strong acids in your system by taking pHion Acid Drainage. If you find that you are in the Very Acidic, it’s crucial. Test your pH.

Product Ingredients

The herbal extracts in pHion Acid Drainage have two main actions: they act as diuretics and diaphoretics.

Diuretics increase the rate at which your body excretes urine. Extra urinary output means that your kidneys are better able to flush out acids from your system.

Diaphoretics stimulate increased perspiration. Many toxins leave the body through the skin, so extra sweat means better acid removal.

The following herbs featured in pHion Acid Drainage act in both ways to drain acids from your system and restore pH balance:

Black Currant Fruit Extract: diuretic and diaphoretic 5, 6, 7

Linden Flower Extract: diuretic and diaphoretic 8, 9

Elder Flowers Extract: diuretic and diaphoretic 10, 11, 12, 13

Burdock Root Extract: diuretic and diaphoretic 14, 15, 16

By amping up your kidneys’ and skin’s ability to eliminate strong acids, pHion Acid Drainage reduces your acid load and helps restore pH balance.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

* This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. Please consult a physician or medical practitioner before taking any dietary supplement, especially if pregnant or nursing.

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Vanessa Peng (1 month ago)
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hello,why i can't choose ship to China,could choose ship to many other countries,but cant ship to China,why?
pHionBalance  (1 month ago)
Hello, We have a distributor in Asia called Inwell. You can place an order through them at
Skip Smith (14 months ago)
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What's your advice on someone starting Chemo in a week?
pHionBalance  (14 months ago)
Unfortunately, we are not able to advise on the use of our products in conjuction with your medical treatment. We recommend that you contact your physician directly for any advice.
yanet castro (28 months ago)
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Hi, my pH level is 5.5 is that bad? I saw it on my lab test results, buy no doctor have told me that there is something wrong with it. However i have chronic fatigue.
pHionBalance  (23 months ago)

The normal rate of acid excretion through the kidneys gives a urine pH of 6.75 - 7.5.  Testing urine allows you to determine whether your body is within a normal quantity of acids.  We recommend starting with our Jump Start Program. This program will provide you with everything you need to get started on the journey towards Alkalizing your body and achieving pH Balance. I have provided a link below to this program:

Lotte G BAHR  (23 months ago)
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Hello Yanet Castro
In order to prevent fatigue, reduced immune reactions to bacterial/ viral infections, etc. you need a body pH of 7.25. To maintain such a pH, it is advisable to drink alkaline water. You can order it online or enrich it with pHIon's alkaline Booster. It is a good product and not too expensive.
L.Bahr, retired pathologist.
pHionBalance  (28 months ago)
Ken Conrad (45 months ago)
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Would this product be helpful at preventing uric acid stones?

pHionBalance  (29 months ago)
pHionBalance  (44 months ago)


Yes, this product will help in lowing the levels of acid in the body.

Derek Cannon (53 months ago)
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pHionBalance  (53 months ago)


When your body's buffering system isn't working properly, it will attempt

to keep excess acids away from your blood by reverting to less optimal

tactics. The first tactic is to steal alkaline minerals out of your bones or

muscles (calcium, magnesium) to buffer or neutralize these acids. The

second tactic is to simply store them deep into your tissues. If you’ve ever

wondered how somebody could get gout (uric acid) in their toe… this is

how. This is the process of how your body becomes too acidic - by virtue

of acids building up in the tissues and fluids of your body. Keep in mind

that these excess acids damage all of the cells that they come in contact

with. While these secondary tactics serve to keep your body functioning

in the short term by protecting your blood pH, they are by no means

optimal in the long term.