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pHion Whole Body Detoxification

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  • Contains 12 natural botanicals
  • Easy to swallow capsules

Reasons to buy

  • Helps restore pH. Because microforms secrete acid waste products, getting rid of them with pHion Whole Body Detoxification naturally boosts your pH.

pHion Balance

Our products have been developed under the guidance of Christopher Vasey N.D., the leading authority on pH Balance and author of the Acid-Alkaline Diet for Optimum Health. Christopher Vasey has practiced Naturopathy in Chamby-Montreux, Switzerland for 25 years. He has authored 18 books written in five languages. Mr. Vasey’s specialization is pH balance, detoxification and rejuvenation.
Cleansing and detoxifying your body a few times a year will greatly contribute to your well being. - Christopher Vasey, N.D.
Our Promise to you is what we say is what you get. pHion products are produced under strict GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) compliance and delivered to you at a price that’s always fair. We offer a full unconditional 30 day money back guarantee on all products, without question or hassle.

Product Details

What do you have in a common with an old blender?

Have you ever made yourself a smoothie, then unscrewed the bottom off the blender to wash it…and been horrified by all the black gunk that had accumulated there (We know, that you always take your blender apart to wash it, but maybe you’ve had the occasion to wash the blender of someone less tidy)?

Most of us would probably have the same reaction if we had the opportunity to look up-close at our own blood. We’d be disgusted by the sheer number of microforms — such as bacteria, yeast, and fungi — that are partying it up at our expense. Microforms that are sapping our energy and secreting toxic acid products into our blood.

Think you’re immune? According to researcher and microbiologist Robert Young, PhD., who has conducted numerous live blood analyses, 100% of the blood samples he’s seen have been infected with microforms.1

No wonder…nearly everything we eat, everything we drink, everything we feel in modern-day America is acid-producing. We are walking acid factories!

Why microforms are so crippling to your health

In an acidic environment, these ugly organisms grow out of control, wreaking havoc on your system. Over-acidity stresses the liver, kidneys, and bladder — your acid elimination channels — and then causes localized problems.2 Overgrowth of harmful bacteria, for example, can cause gastro-intestinal distress, including gas, bloating, and diarrhea.3 Overgrowth of yeast/fungi can cause fatigue, muscle weakness, constipation, bladder issues, ear/nose/eye irritation, and vaginal discharge.4

An as if it’s not bad enough that your body has been hijacked, these microforms make your system even more acidic, by secreting acid wastes into your internal fluids.

That’s not all…

Perhaps the worst thing that microforms do is emit substances that are toxic to human health, such as mycotoxins, exotoxins, and endotoxins.

Mycotoxins are toxins produced by fungi — including mushrooms, molds, and yeasts.5 Have you ever heard stories of amateur mushroom hunters who ended up in the hospital after making an identification mistake? They were poisoned by mycotoxins.

But mycotoxins are far more widespread than you probably realize. In fact, an amazing 25% of the world’s food supply is contaminated by mycotoxins!6 They frequently contaminate grains, but they can also occur in the meat, eggs, and milk of animals that have eaten contaminated grains.7

Exotoxins are excreted by bacteria, fungi, algae, and protozoa. They have the ability to disrupt cellular metabolism and ultimately destroy cells.8 Famous examples of exotoxins include botulinum toxin (excreted by Clostridium botulinum) and tetanus toxin (excreted by Clostridium tetani).

Endotoxins are not secreted; they’re actually part of the outer cell membrane of live bacteria. When the bacteria die, the endotoxins are released into the system.9 Famous examples of bacteria that contain endotoxins are E. coli and Salmonella.

In order to jump-start the process of balancing your pH, it’s imperative that you “clean house” and eradicate the microforms and their corresponding toxins.

But if you don’t want these nasty critters to come back, it’s imperative that you also alkalize your system at the same time. You can do this by including more alkaline foods into your diet and by taking an alkalizing mineral supplement such as pHion Alkaline Minerals. Once eliminated, these microforms will not be able to re-establish themselves in an alkaline terrain.

pHion Whole Body Detoxification also includes herbal extracts, amino acids, and organic sulfur to aid in detoxifying your entire system, particularly those places hardest hit by toxins: your liver, your kidneys, and your lymphatic system.

Product Ingredients

The ingredients in pHion Whole Body Detoxification can be divided into four ph-balancing-products:

1. Whole Body Detoxification Proprietary Blend - To eradicate mycotoxins

N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) is the better absorbed form of the amino acid L-cysteine, which acts as a sulfur donor during phase II detoxification.10 Research has shown that NAC completely nullifies the effects of acetaldehyde, a primary mycotoxin of yeast and fungi, and a major byproduct of alcohol metabolism.11

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) is a natural source of detoxifying sulfur. According to pioneering chronic fatigue syndrome expert Dr. Paul R. Cheney, M.D., MSM destroys the cell walls of yeast.12

L-Taurine is an amino acid that is derived from L-cysteine. Animal research indicates that taurine excretion increases in the presence of aflatoxin B1, a potent mycotoxin.13 This could be because extra taurine is used (then excreted) to neutralize the poison.

2. Liver D-tox Proprietary Blend - To support liver detoxification

Milk Thistle Extract is probably the most famous liver-detoxifying herb. It protects the liver from all kinds of toxins — including alcohol, over-the-counter drugs such as aspirin and acetaminophen, and prescription drugs.14

Broccoli Sprout Extract contains sulforaphane, an isothiocyanate that induces phase II detoxification enzymes.15 These critical enzymes break down toxins into water-soluble forms for elimination.

Schisandra Berry Extract is a classic liver herb from Traditional Chinese Medicine. Numerous animal and test tube studies have found that schisandra berry benefits the hepatic glutathione antioxidant system and is protective against various liver toxins, including carbon tetrachloride (a toxic manmade chemical) and acetaminophen.16

Angelica Root Extract appears to increase the liver’s utilization of oxygen.17 It has also been shown to prevent the decrease of liver glycogen.18

3. Lymph D-tox Proprietary Blend - To support lymph detoxification

Lymphaselect® is an extract of the herb Melilotus officinalis (yellow sweet clover) that is standardized to contain 17-20% coumarin (the active ingredient). M. officinalis has been shown to accelerate lymph flow in humans and animals.19, 20, 21, 22

Cayenne Pepper is a spicy vegetable that is excellent at stimulating and decongesting the lymph system.23

Red Peony Root Extract is a traditional Chinese herb used to promote blood & lymph circulation.24 Research has shown that red peony also protects the liver from the endotoxin D-galactosamine.25 Large doses of red peony have been found to protect liver function in people at risk for liver complications.26

4. Kidney D-tox Proprietary Blend - To support kidney detoxification

Ginger Extract’s therapeutic properties stimulate circulation of the blood,27 while also encouraging the kidneys to eliminate toxins.28

Marshmallow Root Extract is used to support a healthy urinary tract.29

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

* This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. Please consult a physician or medical practitioner before taking any dietary supplement, especially if pregnant or nursing.

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MARIA GRULLON (14 months ago)
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Does this product contain Alpha Lipoic Acid?
pHionBalance  (14 months ago)
There is no Alpha Lipoic acid raw material in the Whole Body Detox.
Olivia Steele (22 months ago)
0  Please login Please login
The Dr. diagnosed me with Sjogren's disease. I have recurring bv with burning sensation. Do you think this product is best to eliminate acid from my body?
pHionBalance  (22 months ago)

We strongly suggest that you discuss these types of questions with your personal physician, who should be able to give you the best advice for your specific situation.

Thank you.
debbie curreli (22 months ago)
0  Please login Please login
can i take the pHion Whole Body Detoxification , i take BP and a pill to slow my heart down, so anytime i take something new, it messes me up, (zombie like ) wanting to go to the er. i need to detox.....because of the meds im on.. ty
Cynthia Min Jun Chen (24 months ago)
0  Please login Please login

I would like to know if I can take (1) Berry Superfood; (2) Detoxification; and (3) Green Superfood all together at one shot... or I should take them separably? Thank you!!! :)
pHionBalance  (24 months ago)

Yes, you are welcome to take all of them at the same time.
jimi kiger (29 months ago)
0  Please login Please login
Does this product contain any alcohol...know that it sounds silly but with all the tinctures and extracts in it just wondering as I am not able to use anything with alcohol.
pHionBalance  (29 months ago)

The Whole Body Detox comes in a capsule form. There is no alcohol in the product.