• March Giveaway - Diagnostic pH Test Strips

    We're giving away a bottle of our Diagnostic pH Test Strips to two winners for our March giveaway. They’re made unconsciously strong, yet formulated to be super sensitive for accurate readings. Unlike litmus paper, t... READ MORE »
  • Foods that are Ridiculously Good for your Health

    We are leaping into spring with a few food options to keep you healthy and happy this March. No matter how busy the season may get, here are a few foods that are quick and simple to make, they taste delicious and they ar... READ MORE »

  • February Giveaway - Prebiotic Fiber

    Prebiotics are nutrients to help grow the good bacteria in your tummy. pHion’s Prebiotic Fiber’s blend of soluble and insoluble fiber work to make you regular and happy. We're giving away a bottle of our Prebiotic ... READ MORE »
  • Food as Medicine

    A healthy diet can have positive impacts on the body. It is known to help reduce your risk for heart disease, diabetes, cancer and more. Food as medicine is not a new concept. It has been used for years as a replacement ... READ MORE »
  • December pHion Glasstic Bottle Giveaway

    Due to popular demand, we've partnered with Glasstic® Shatterproof Glass Water Bottle again to giveaway 2 more pHion Balance branded water bottles this month...
  • Don’t Skip the Gym This Season

    The cold weather makes us want to cuddle up next to our favorite junk foods and binge watch shows on Netflix. Working out seems to go to the back of our mind as we put on those comfy sweaters and indulge in the endless h... READ MORE »

  • pHion Balance Glasstic Bottle Giveaway

    ...the purity of glass with the portability of plastic...

    We've partnered with Glasstic® Shatterproof Glass Water Bottle to create a pHion Balance branded water bottle, that we're giving away to 2 lucky winners of our ... READ MORE »

  • September Alkaline Tea Giveaway

    We're giving away 10 more packages of The pHion Alkaline Tea Blend for our September giveaway. Each package contains 30 x 2g teabags full of quality high alkaline herbal ingredients to help balance your body's pH.
  • Fall Health Tips

    It’s that time of year again. Get ready for the Pumpkin Spiced Lattes and sweaters. The cool weather and warm drinks are just the beginning of why we love the fall season. It’s also a time when kids go back to school... READ MORE »

  • August Alkaline Tea Giveaway

    We've gotten a lot of positive feedback about our Alkaline Tea Blend. People love that it tastes great and is good for you and to show our appreciation, we're giving out 10 more packages of our pHion Alkaline Tea Blend ... READ MORE »

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