• December Giveaway - Alkaline Water Booster Drops

    We're giving away more pHion Alkaline Water Booster Drops for the month of December.

    For this month's giveaway, we're giving two lucky people our pH Alkaline Water Booster Drops to try for themselves.

    Alkaline water ... READ MORE »

  • Feeling Tired, We Might Have the Solution

    Feeling tired? It might not be your fault. As the weather is cooling and it is getting darker outside, our bodies go through this seasonal change as well. It’s the midst of fall and with the holiday season ahead of us,... READ MORE »

  • November Giveaway - Alkaline Water Booster Drops

    Turn ordinary water extraordinary with pHion Alkaline Water Booster Drops.

    pHion’s Booster delivers a 1-2 punch that converts any water source into an energized 9.5 alkaline water. Satisfies your thirst deep down to y... READ MORE »

  • Ionic Colon Cleanse Giveaway From pHion Balance

    Cleansing is very beneficial to keep your pH in balance.  Your body is a well-oiled machine that needs a periodic tune-up.  Adding a colon cleanse every few months will help flush out all of the yucky stuff that sits i... READ MORE »

  • Tips to Living a Long, Happy Life

    The goal is to live longer and live happier. We are all familiar with the saying you only live once, but many of us do not treat our bodies right. We only have one body throughout this life so why not make it last a li... READ MORE »

  • Acid Drainage Giveaway From pHion Balance

    pHion’s Acid Drainage supports your body’s pursuit of 7.4. Dislodging and disposing of strong acids restores your body’s balance and makes you feel like all is right in the universe.

    Through the action of the herb... READ MORE »

  • You Are What You Eat

    We’ve all heard the saying that you are what you eat. Some people take this literal, some people slightly listen to this, and then most of us completely ignore this statement and eat whatever we feel like. It’s commo... READ MORE »

  • Prevent Aging the Natural Way

    We’ve compiled a list of methods to help you take an extra step to slow down the aging process.

    We all get older and this is a pretty well-known fact. As we age, so does our bodies. Aging is known to cause wrinkles,... READ MORE »

  • Top 50 Most Powerful Cleansers For A Successful Summer Detox

    Even a 2-day summer detox can leave you feeling lighter, more energetic, and with a lot less fog on the brain.

    Summer detox diets are all the rage and for plenty of good reasons. The problem is, if you go back to your... READ MORE »

  • Your Body And The Benefits Of Detoxification

    Detoxification is a process of removing the health-threatening toxins from your body to promote wellness and reduce your risk of disease.

    In this day and age, there is a certain inevitability that your body is going t... READ MORE »

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