Team pHion
January 25, 2017

Are Alkaline Water Ionizers Any Good?

Here at pHion Balance we get a lot of questions about alkaline water these:

•  How do alkaline water ionizers actually alkalize water?

•  Are alkaline water ionizers better than using pH drops (like pHion Booster)?

•  Are alkaline water ionizers worth the money?

Let us try to answer these for you here...

How do they alkalize the water?

Water ionizers use electrodes to "pull" positive ions...minerals...out of the water. They then convert them to negative ions. The net result is that the relatively few positive ions in the water have been reduced to none.

Water, however, is considered an unbuffered or low ion solution to begin with. Meaning that there's not a very high concentration of positive ions from the start. So while you can reduce the water to an alkaline state, the water that is made is STILL weakly ionized! So, while it may be alkaline, it really doesn't do much to ADD many negative ions or alkalinity to your body.

Are they better than using pHion Alkaline Booster Drops?

Not so much. First of all, water ionizers should actually be called water alkalizers because they do more to alkalize your water than to ionize your water. But, as just explained, they way they alkalize your water isn't very effective. pHion pH Booster adds or DONATES a whole lot of negative ions into your water...thus making it ion dense. This can be demonstrated in our "Alkaline and Ionic Water Video".

By adding negative ions and alkaline elements into your water, you benefit big time. You'll have better conductivity of electrical charges which will result in higher you'll be getting a lot more alkaline minerals that will help to neutralize acids. pHion pH Booster is the only product out there that can ionize (electrify) your water (like gatorade...but without sugar and salt) AND alkalize it. We're putting together a new video that will show you how much better pHion Booster water HOLDS its pH as well. It will be out soon.

Are they worth the money?

We think not! If you want alkaline water that actually adds an effective amount of negative ions or alkalinity to your body, skip the expensive alkaline water ionizer and opt for a more effective solution like pHion's Alkaline Water Booster Drops that has 72 activated ionic minerals which Ionizes and alkalizes your water to an optimal pH of 9.5