• Colon Cleanse Special Giveaway - 20 Winners!

    We have overstocked bottles of Ionic Colon Cleanse that will be expiring on 7-31-19 and we are giving away a bottle to 20 winners.  This is the perfect chance to try our amazing Colon Cleanse at a super reduced price.... READ MORE »

  • March Giveaway - Diagnostic pH Test Strips

    We're giving away a bottle of our Diagnostic pH Test Strips to two winners for our March giveaway. They’re made unconsciously strong, yet formulated to be super sensitive for accurate readings. Unlike litmus paper, t... READ MORE »
  • February Giveaway - Prebiotic Fiber

    Prebiotics are nutrients to help grow the good bacteria in your tummy. pHion’s Prebiotic Fiber’s blend of soluble and insoluble fiber work to make you regular and happy. We're giving away a bottle of our Prebiotic ... READ MORE »
  • December pHion Glasstic Bottle Giveaway

    Due to popular demand, we've partnered with Glasstic® Shatterproof Glass Water Bottle again to giveaway 2 more pHion Balance branded water bottles this month...
  • pHion Balance Glasstic Bottle Giveaway

    ...the purity of glass with the portability of plastic...

    We've partnered with Glasstic® Shatterproof Glass Water Bottle to create a pHion Balance branded water bottle, that we're giving away to 2 lucky winners of our ... READ MORE »

  • September Alkaline Tea Giveaway

    We're giving away 10 more packages of The pHion Alkaline Tea Blend for our September giveaway. Each package contains 30 x 2g teabags full of quality high alkaline herbal ingredients to help balance your body's pH.
  • August Alkaline Tea Giveaway

    We've gotten a lot of positive feedback about our Alkaline Tea Blend. People love that it tastes great and is good for you and to show our appreciation, we're giving out 10 more packages of our pHion Alkaline Tea Blend ... READ MORE »
  • May Giveaway - pHion Probiotic Blend

    Probiotics ensure that good bacteria live and thrive in your intestines. pHion’s Probiotic Blend is comprised of a formula of 7 strains of intestinal flora that protect and support a healthy you. We’ve tapped into Ga... READ MORE »

  • Hemp Oil Tincture Giveaway

    2 winners will be chosen to receive a bottle of Hemplogica Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Tincture. Hemplogica tinctures are all natural and organic and are made with organic olive oil and natural orange oil for a refreshing ta... READ MORE »
  • March Giveaway - Alkalizing Green Superfood

    Due to popular demand and in honor of St. Patrick's Day, 2 winners will be chosen to receive a bottle of our pHion Alkalizing Green Superfood. pHion Alkalizing Green Superfood contains over 30 alkalizing ingredients tha... READ MORE »

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