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May 23, 2019

A Healthier and Happier You with pHion

It’s time to take charge of your health. A healthier lifestyle can be hard to achieve, especially with all the unhealthy habits out there. As Americans, we spend too much time in front of the television and our diets are filled with processed foods, too much sugars and oversized portions. Your eating and lifestyle habits can directly impact your mood, health status, weight and even your productivity.

The standard American diet is sadder than we originally thought. About 63% of America’s calories are from processed and refined foods; 25% of America’s calories are animal-based; and 12% of our calories come from plants. Do you know what’s even sadder? Half of those plant-based calories come from food like french fries.

About 45 million Americans go on a diet each year and more than $33 billion is spent each year of dieting products. Did you know that 95 percent of these diets fail? The reason, people look at diets as quick fixes instead of lifestyle changes. These quick fix diets won't leave you satisfied. They’ll go back to this “standard American diet” and stop eating healthy. A lifestyle change can help you maintain a healthy weight and improve your overall well being.

Now, a lifestyle change doesn’t mean to just eat healthy and limit junk food, but also includes exercising frequently, balancing your pH, doing cleanses, taking your vitamins and supplements and finding products that support a balanced lifestyle.

pHion Balance was developed to create nutritional supplements that support and promote a healthy lifestyle. In today’s fast paced life, we all need a little extra help to recharge, re-energize, and rebalance. pHion’s nutritional supplements work great by themselves. However, they also work well with each other to provide a total nutritional program that supports your ongoing health needs.

Here are a few of pHion’s products that help promote a healthier and happier lifestyle:


Alkaline Tea

Healthier and Happier You - Alkalizing TeaAn alkaline diet is said to help lower risk of hypertension and stroke, lowers chronic pain and inflammation, boosts vitamin absorption, and helps improve immune function. To help your body get into balance, try pHion’s Alkaline Tea Blend. It’s the perfect addition to an Alkaline diet or just an amazing tea for any tea lovers out there. This is just one of the many ways you can improve your health. It not only tastes amazing, but it helps soothe the digestive system and it promotes an Alkaline lifestyle. The blend contains chamomile, lavender, rose, rosemary, and more. It has nine highly alkaline herbal ingredients and can be consumed before, during or after any meal.

Green Superfood

Healthier and Happier You - Green SuperfoodMost Americans do not eat their fruits and vegetables. It is said that only 12% of Americans eat the recommended amount of fruit and 9% eat the two cups of vegetables recommended per day. Fruits and vegetables are known to help protect the body against chronic diseases, heart disease, diabetes and cancer. It can sometimes be difficult to get the recommended dosage of fruits and veggies. That’s why pHion’s Green Superfood is a great addition to any diet. It contains over 30 alkalizing ingredients and just one serving contains the nutrient equivalent of more than 1lb of vegetables.

Ionic Colon Cleanse

Healthier and Happier You - Colon CleanseAre you in need of a colon cleanse? Experts say that there are numerous benefits by removing the toxins from your digestive system. These include weight loss, better digestion, and increased energy. pHion’s Colon Cleanse can help flush out all of the yucky stuff that sits in your intestines and rids the body of microforms. This herbal blend will help you safely and gently detoxify the colon. The best part, it tastes delicious and it’s easy to use. To get your cleanse on, just simply add a spoonful of Colon Cleanse to any favorite juice or shake.

Probiotics Blend

Healthier and Happier You - Probiotic BlendProbiotics are these live microorganisms that can be consumed through fermented foods or supplements. They are known to help balance the digestive system, keep you heart healthy, boost the immune system and may help you lose weight. pHion’s Probiotics Blend contains five billion living beneficial bacteria to aid and promote a healthy gut in easy to swallow tablets. pHion’s Probiotics Blend is comprised of a formula of seven strains of intestinal flora that protect and support a healthy you.


What are you waiting for? Start your health journey today with pHion Balance.

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