• Warm Up to Winter Workouts

    While the weather outside may not inspire you to pull on your workout gear and go for a run, there’s no reason not to continue a fitness regimen throughout the coldest and darkest months of the year. In fact, the exerc... READ MORE »

  • 10 Health Myths

    1. You can catch up on missed sleep. False.

    Trying to catch up on sleep by sleeping in on weekends can actually sabotage you. Your sleep-deprived brain will be more prone to mistakes and cognitive dysfunction. Give your ... READ MORE »

  • To Cleanse or Not to Cleanse

    One of the most popular trends today are cleanses which make a variety of promises including weight loss, increased energy, a rejuvenated digestive system, great skin and increases in sex drive. Cleansing has replaced ... READ MORE »

  • Change Your Life: Eat Breakfast!

    In Egypt, they eat a dish called ful medames (fava beans) and pita bread. In Japan rice and miso soup is the preferred choice. And in Germany, soft boiled eggs, fresh bread from the local bakery, cold cuts, jams, and swe... READ MORE »

  • 10 Best Exercises for Women

    Trainers and medical professionals alike agree that strength training is one of the best forms of exercises for women. Unless you’re a body builder, however, the last thing a woman wants to do is bulk up. What women do... READ MORE »

  • Meal Replacement Bars vs. Fresh On-the-Go Snacks: What’s Better?

    Americans are always on the go. Between work and home life, who has time to eat healthy or sit down for a meal at all? Well, many think that they have found a way to get a significant amount of sustenance and still sta... READ MORE »

  • The Truth About Salt

    The sodium in salt helps maintain the fluid in blood cells. It is used to transmit information in our nerves and muscles, and it assists in the absorption of certain nutrients. Because the human body does not make salt, ... READ MORE »

  • Eating your Omega-3s

    You saw a news segment about it a few months ago. You read about them in your favorite fitness mag last week. And just yesterday, your doctor suggested adding fish oil to your diet for better health. If it seems like you... READ MORE »

  • Anti-Aging Foods

    Aging is something we all struggle against, but you can improve your vitality, overall health, prolong and improve the quality of your life but adding certain foods to your diet. These foods can lower the risk of age-rel... READ MORE »

  • How Healthy Is Your Diet, Really?

    If you’re among the millions of Americans who are overweight, obese, or afflicted with cardiovascular disease or diabetes, you’ve probably heard of “heart-healthy” diets: Ornish, Pritikin, DASH, Mayo Clinic, Es... READ MORE »

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