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August 31, 2017

You Are What You Eat

We’ve all heard the saying that you are what you eat. Some people take this literal, some people slightly listen to this, and then most of us completely ignore this statement and eat whatever we feel like. It’s common knowledge that food plays a critical role in your health, but most people either don’t care or believe the effects of eating unhealthy will not hurt them.

Food provides an important source of nutrients that give the body the strength to survive. Food consists of a variety of healthy benefits like protein, which helps create hormones and enzymes to keep everything running smoothly; vitamins that are small molecule food components that support your health; and carbohydrates, which is a fuel source for organs like your brain and kidneys, according to SF Gate.

But what happens when you eat the wrong type of foods? All that junk food and artificial sweeteners must have some impact on the body. There are many repercussions past the waistline you should worry about when eating too much junk food and not enough fruits and vegetables.

So what are a few foods you should avoid?

The first, soda. There have been several studies that have directly linked the consumption of soda to an increased risk of heart disease, cancer, and obesity. You may be thinking the alternative is diet soda, but CNN recently reported that diet soda may be linked to a higher risk of dementia and stroke. This is a frightening finding as one in five Americans drink diet sodas every day, according to the CDC.

That brings us to the next ingredient to avoid, artificial sweeteners. It’s reported that every year, each American will consume about 150 pounds of sugar and about 29 pounds of that is table sugar (granulated). A lot of us have the unhealthy habit of having what’s known as the bad sugar substitute, also known as artificial sweeteners. Although these sweeteners may be zero or low-calorie, it doesn’t make them good for our health. They can actually put you at an increased risk of gaining weight, Type 2 diabetes, and heart disease.

Lastly, another food we advise you to stay away from is margarine. It’s often referred to as the healthy alternative to butter, but it’s not. It can raise your cholesterol. Butter is actually way better for you as trans-fats found in processed foods like margarine raise the risk of death by 34 percent.

There is good news. It’s not too late to start eating healthy and reverse the side effects of poor eating habits. Occasionally, a cheat meal here and there is fine for your health, but ice cream, cake, soda and other unhealthy foods should not take over your diet. Eating healthy is a lifestyle and requires a huge effort, but will pay off in the long run.

If you are not meeting your recommended intake of foods like vegetables, try pHion Balance’s Green Superfood, which contains the nutrients equivalent to over 1lb of vegetables and it’s delicious in flavor. Vegetables are critical for a healthy diet. Vegetables are important sources of many nutrients that include potassium, dietary fiber, and vitamin A and C.

Start the change and start living healthy with pHion Balance.

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