Team pHion
July 9, 2017

Your Body And The Benefits Of Detoxification

Detoxification is a process of removing the health-threatening toxins from your body to promote wellness and reduce your risk of disease.

In this day and age, there is a certain inevitability that your body is going to be exposed to levels of toxic substances whether you like it or not. Unfortunately these come from many sources, including exposure to environmental toxins such as lead, mercury and other chemicals that are dumped into our environment daily as well as health-threatening chemicals found in processed foods.

Fortunately, there is something you can do about it. You can detoxify your body. A detox program can help eliminate toxins from your liver and boost your immune system. There are several different ways you can do this.

Cleansing Supplements

These packages generally contain a series of detox drinks and supplements that are rich in fiber, herbs and vitamins. There are a number of safe products on the market. They are designed to flush out your intestinal system allowing you to start afresh.


A 24-48 hour fast is another way of removing toxins from your system. Though it takes a little discipline it can pay off in the end. Of course you will need to drink plenty of water or fruit juice so that you stay hydrated. You should always consult your physician before considering fasting.

Probiotic Supplements

Probiotic supplements contain live bacteria that naturally populate our gastrointestinal tracts. They aid digestion and help fight disease. If your diet is unbalanced or you have recently suffered an illness, the healthy bacteria in your gut and intestine may be depleted. Taking a probiotic supplement can help to rebalance your gastrointestinal eco system.

You can also:

• Reduce the amount of processed food in your diet, such as processes meat and cheese, and foods high in sugar, salt and saturated fat. • Quit smoking. • Reduce your alcohol consumption. • Cut down on coffee, sodas and other caffeinated beverages.

Once you have cleansed your body and you start to maintain a healthier lifestyle, you will begin to notice the following benefits: • improved immune functions • fewer allergies • improved concentration • better sleep patterns • improved digestion and absorption of nutrients • ability to maintain a healthy weight • increased energy levels

It won’t take long before you are reaping the rewards of detoxification. As well as feeling physically and mentally healthier, you can also enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you took control of your health.