Colon Cleanse

Gently eliminate toxins, acids and waste buildup in your gut
  • Attracts and flushes harmful acids
  • Rids the body of microforms
  • Cleanses waste material
  • Restores optimal pH balance to the intestines
  • Herbal blend safely and gently detoxifies the colon
  • Fiber rich
  • Delicious vanilla mocha natural flavor

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  • Organically Grown
  • Independently Tested
  • Manufactured & Quality Tested in the USA
  • GMP Certified
  • Health Conscious
  • Happiness Guaranteed


Never Felt


Your body is a well-oiled machine that needs a periodic tune-up. Adding a colon cleanse every few months will help flush out all of the yucky stuff that sits in your intestines. Trust us when we say you need it, and you’ll thank us later.

The Healing


Ionic Bentonite clay has special healing attributes. It attracts heavy metals and toxins and gently and safely flushes them out of your system. Our Colon Cleanse contains a special Ionic Bentonite formula to get the job done. Got dirt?

A Spoonful of


To get your cleanse on, just simply add a spoonful of Colon Cleanse to any favorite juice or shake. It’s crazy easy and wildly healthy.

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Questions and Answers
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  • A · November 12, 2016
    May I know the exp date
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    • Admin · November 13, 2016

      Hello, The Colon Cleanse we have available expires in 7/2018. Thanks, pHion Customer Service

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  • Funmi · August 23, 2016
    Do you ship to the United Kingdom
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    • Admin · September 15, 2016

      Hello, Yes, we do ship to the UK. Thanks, pHion Customer Service

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  • Eva · August 22, 2016
    Where is this colon cleanse made in?
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    Not yet answered
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  • Rachael · January 27, 2016
    Any food limitation during 7days colon cleanse program? Also can it be mix with warm beverage? Thanks
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    • Admin · January 27, 2016

      Hello, Suggested Use: 1 large tsp with 16 oz of cold water 2 times per day for 7 days. This is a light cleanse and you can go about your normal activates. However, everybody can react differently so we recommend starting this on a Thursday, so if you do experience any detox effects it will be on the weekend and you should start feeling better by Monday. If the you experience any diarrhea on this product you should discontinue taking the product. Should only be eating alkalizing vegetables and soups. Thanks, pHion Customer Service

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