Toxin-Free Water Bottle

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  • Made from BPA-Free Crystal Polypropylene
  • No toxins to leach into your water
  • No plastic smell or taste like standard water bottles
  • Convenient Sport Size – 22 oz.
  • Easy to grip and squeeze
  • Manufactured & Quality Tested in the USA
  • GMP Certified
  • Health Conscious
  • Happiness Guaranteed
Toxin-Free Water Bottle

• BPA-Free. The water bottle sold by pHion is made from BPA Free Crystal Polypropylene, which means that your drinks are not altered in any way through harmful leeching of chemicals found in low-density polypropylene bottles.

• Odor and Taste Free. Because of the material this water bottle is made of there is no “plastic” smell or taste that is typically found when using other water bottles.

• Easy to Grip and Squeeze. For those always on the go, the ease of this bottle to grip and squeeze makes it a joy to use.

• FDA Approved. Good enough for the FDA, good enough for us.

• Convenient Sport Size. Weighing in at 22 oz., this water bottle is very convenient to keep handy at all times. Remember, drinking healthy alkaline water all throughout the day is key to maintaining your desired pH balance.

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Traits Independently Tested, Manufactured & Quality Tested in the USA, GMP Certified, Health Conscious, Happiness Guaranteed

If you are concerned about the leaching of plastic chemicals into your water, green drinks and supplement shakes pHion is offering the right bottle for you. Not only does this bottle protect from harmful leaching, it also maintains the integrity of the taste of what you are drinking – no plastic taste or smell, period. Totally BPA-free with an easy to use bite spout.