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The Master Cleanse gone contemporary; Tight n Tuck is the modern day twist on a tried and true weight loss diet...The Master Cleanse Diet. is packed with lemon juice concentrate, cayenne pepper, and the highest grade maple syrup. Plus, we've added Noni, Goji and Acai juices for an antioxidant and metabolism booster! Why hassle with buying tons of lemons...and having to cut them all...and squeeze them. And then add the juice to maple syrup and cayenne pepper. Why would you do that? Especially when you can just go buy Tight-n-Tuck. We've done all of that for you. You just pour and drink! bottle of Tight-n-Tuckcontains 32 servings. Take 4 servings a day during the 7 day Tight-n-Tuck cleanse program. Flush the toxins...flush the fat! 7 days to a lighter, leaner body with Tight-n-Tuck!
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